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Xiangshawan Desert Gorge Tourist Attraction
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    Xiangshawan Desert Gorge Tourist Attraction is one of "the first batch borderline tourist areas" officially ratified by the National Tourism Administration as well as China AAAAA scenic spot, located in Kubuqi Desert within the territory of Ordos, Inner Mongolia, 50 kilometers away from Baotou City, Inner Mongolia. The tourist area has been highly provided with the complete service system with the supporting facilities for "local delicacies, accommodations, lodgings, traveling, shopping and entertaining". Apart from the traditional horse riding, camel riding, Bonfire parties, Desert adventures and other desert touring activities, a series of highly favored items, such as, desert paragliders, desert Zorbing Ball and desert surfing scooters are introduced and abundantly incorporated into the rich desert recreational and sports activities up to nearly 20 categories. The central shopping center mainly engaged in national handcrafts and desert souvenirs tries all means possible to meet with the different shopping demands of tourists. In terms of the cultural activities, there is another spotlight—the brand performance "Ordos-style Wedding Ceremony", which adds luster to the tourist area by increasing some desert cultural and clothing performance contents. The desert photography and clothing competitions are regularly held every year as the integral part of the tourist area activities, which has exerted the extensive impact and effectively elevated the cultural flavor and the brand image of Xiangshawan Desert Gorge Tourist Attraction.




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