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  Kangbashi New District

    Without investment from the government, Kangbashi New District, wisely taking advantage of the local market andraisingmoney from various channels, has now on the way to a very successful new district construction.

    In order to realize the development of “small city, great industries”, the Municipal Party Committee and the City Government of Ordos come to the idea of expanding Ordos city to a bigger city with three districts---Dongsheng, Kangbashi and Azhen, enjoying a population of 1 million, with Kangbashi as her politics, culture, finance, science and education center, making Ordos one of the most charming city in western China with her ideal, quiet and beautiful living and working environment.

    For these years, by means of issuing bonds and bank financing, the district has secured 1.15 billion yuan from the Development Bank to ensure investment in the new district’s construction. At present, according to the listed price of the land, benefits on land selling can reach 5 billion yuan for each item, which has laid a very solid foundation for the district’s sustainable development.

    The district’s very sound planning, infrastructure construction and ecological system have attracted many investors. For example, she has signed a contract with Huatai Hyuntai Automobile Group in producing 50 thousand vehicles, and cooperated with Beijing CICC and Inner Mongolia Power (group) Co., Ltd in building 4*300 thousand-watt power and heat plant, which has been listed as a key project in the 11th five-year plan in Inner Mongolia.


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