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  Ordos (numerous palaces in Chinese), situated in the southwest of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, is adjacent to three provinces which are Shanxi, Shaanxi and Ningxia. Surrounded by the Yellow River on three sides, it faces the ancient Great Wall to the south. The total area of the city is 87 thousand square Kilometers, with 7 Banners, 1 district (Dongsheng District) and the Kangbashi New District. Ordos has a total population of 2,035,000 including 194,000 Mongolians. It is a Mongolian-centered minority region where the Han Nationality is in the majority. Ordos, Hohhot and Baotou jointly form the “Golden Delta” which is the most dynamic economic development area in Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. Ordos’s major economic indicator takes the lead in the whole region, and it has become one of the top strong cities in economy in the western China. In 2014, the city's GDP is RMB 416.22 billion Yuan, an increase of 8%; above-scaled industry added value is RMB 205.88 billion Yuan, an increase of 11.1%; fixed asset investment is RMB 342.2 billion Yuan, increasing by 15.8 percent; public budget revenue is RMB 43.01 billion Yuan, decreasing by 2.3 %; total retail sales of social consumer goods are RMB 61 billion Yuan, increasing by 10.1%; the per capita disposable income of urban residents is RMB 34,983 Yuan, increasing by 8.5 percent and that of farmers and herdsmen is RMB 13,439 Yuan, an increase of 11.0%. 

   Stepping into 2015, a year full of hope and challenges, Ordos actively adapts to the China’s New Normal Economic Development, embarking on a new journey of innovation and entrepreneurship. We deeply believe that all people in Ordos will be able to shoulder the glorious mission entrusted by the times under the strong leadership of the Municipal Party Committee and Government. They will gather ideas and reach consensus in a larger area, join the third tide of entrepreneurship with more enthusiasm, endeavor to reshape themselves, realize their value and make much more success. 


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